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sku FPB80
Eye-catching white floor display, which includes a frosted display base designed for added back stock storage. With this bundle, you will receive the display FREE when you order 148 pairs of sunglasses with complimentary cases, plus 4 cleaning kits and 4 cleaning cloth kits. Peepers will give you a best seller assortment with either all polarized no correction or strengths ranging from +1.00 through +3.00, or you can select the sunglasses and strengths of your choice. This display holds 80 pairs of sunglasses, and is equipped to hold POP signage.

Bundle Price Breakdown: 

- 148 pairs of sunglasses with cases = $1,665.00
- 4 cleaning kits = $16.00
- 4 cleaning cloth kits = $12.00
- Floor Display = FREE
- Available with or without POP signage

16" W X 13" D X 72" H
16" W X 13" D X 72" H
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