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<p>Peepers for Teachers Initiative</p>

Peepers for Teachers Initiative

Peepers works to help our local schools, where our team is donating time as well as organizing donations of supplies to our local teachers. The money will benefit the private and public schools in the La Porte County area by providing monetary contributions and funding school supplies based on the individual needs of each school. Our goal is to evaluate the schools’ deficiencies and turn those needs into a reality. We remember our past by honoring our local students—our future—and preparing them to make an impact on our world and pay the kindness forward. 

The Problem

Teachers pay

The latest survey by the National
School Supply and Equipment Association found that 99.5 percent of all public school teachers dip into their own pockets to equip their classrooms.

Books stay

Your state’s education financial systems are likely geared to adopting and purchasing just one textbook a year. The states then keep that book in the schools for a to-10-year adoption cycle. Simply put, if the state buys a math textbook in 2008, it will remain in the classrooms until 2015

What is part of the Peepers for Teachers Initiative?

We raise and donate money, host giveaways and raffles, fund classroom projects, and give away “teacher tote” swag bags. 

Our HQ hosts a Parking Lot Party every summer for local teachers going into the next school year. We provide food & beverage, entertainment, and of course free Peepers! Throughout the event are raffles and drawings where teachers can win classroom supplies and money!

We've also partnered with the DonorsChoose Program, to ensure we can contribute to classrooms and teachers not only locally, but all over America. We choose 1-3 teachers monthly to donate items on their wishlist directly to them and their classroom!

Additionally, our retail store participates in the Frame Of The Month program where 10% of sales from a selected style for that month is added to our Peepers for Teachers funds!

$41,437 donated to peepers for teachers so far
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