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Spotlight: The Pickwick

Spotlight: The Pickwick

Nothing says "home town favorite" more than The Pickwick; a cherished staple in the Greenville County of South Carolina, this neighborhood one-stop-shop is a drug store  that is celebrating more than 60 years in business. Locally run and owned by a third generation of the Odoms family, it is evident they have put their heart and soul into every square space of The Pickwick. The sense of love for their community radiates on the faces of the employees and customers, who leave feeling more like part of the family. Can’t seem to get what you need in time? The Pickwick offers delivery service and complimentary gift wrapping, so you are never behind for upcoming birthdays or holidays.But wait, there's more..

 Not only do they carry household items, over-the-counter medicines and staple groceries, but they also have their very own old fashioned soda shop. This favorite hang out seats approximately 50 people, serving simple sandwiches, shakes and malts, fresh-squeezed orangeade and lemonade, hot dogs and chili dogs, 20 flavors of ice cream, and cherry and vanilla cokes served from a 1949 soda fountain. Talk about variety! 

"We have carried the Peepers brand readers for twenty years because of their high quality and style. These attributes have made Peepers a top seller in our store and the brand has a big following with our customers. In fact Peepers are so popular, people come to our store for their first time just because someone has told them where to find them!"-Kelly L. Odom




The Pickwick is one of the few locally-owned, non-chain pharmacies that remain in SC and is located at 3219 Augusta Street in Greenville, SC. 

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